Q: What safety measures are currently in place at Seasides?

In line with government and NHS recommendations we have put many measures in place, which include those relating to nursery access restrictions, social distancing and strict hygiene practices.

Q: How are you currently managing social distancing requirements?

  • Our car park has been re-arranged to ensure that each room has their own socially distanced area to pick-up and drop-off their child(ren). These areas have been carefully marked out with spots set at 2m apart and all visitors to the setting are required to wait for members of staff to arrive and are asked not to enter/approach the main entrance.
  • All families have been given allocated drop-off and pick-up slots to help limit the number of people arriving at the setting at one time. Only one person is permitted to drop-off and collect their child.
  • Each room has their own designated route into the setting to limit the number of those entering the nursery at one time and to limit the over-use of communal spaces (such as the hallway).
  • Members of staff greet families from their designated waiting spots and escort children into their rooms using the allocated routes. Staff also apply the same procedures on collection.
  • All rooms are separated into ‘bubbles’ and remain so at all times. Our bubbles consist of a maximum of 8 children per day plus the same two members of staff throughout the week. Bubbles are not permitted to mix at any time.
  • Garden rotas are in place to ensure that each room has their own allocated slots and increased use of the garden is encouraged during this time.
  • All staff are currently on the same shift patterns to ensure they remain with their bubble buddy(!) at all times and internal space for staff lunches has been carefully re-arranged to ensure social distancing remains available.
  • Non-essential visitors are not permitted at the nursery and any show-rounds/appointments are conducted after 5pm when the nursery is closed.

Q: How are we monitoring the health and well-being of the children and staff?

  • When children arrive at the setting, their temperature is taken and only those who are well are permitted into the setting. Anyone showing a high temperature will not be allowed in nursery (including members of staff).
  • All families are required to complete COVID/health questionnaires at regular intervals.
  • Anyone who displays or begins to display any COVID-19 symptoms (or has a member of their family displaying symptoms) will not be permitted into the nursery until they have either completed self-isolation in line with government guidance or have received a negative test result.
  • Plenty of PPE is available at all times throughout the whole setting and staff are encouraged to use it appropriately.

Q: What additional cleaning and hygiene processes have we currently got in place?

  • All children and staff are required to wash their hands immediately on entering the setting and again at various times throughout the day. Children are supported well to ensure they wash their hands properly.
  • Staff are implementing good hygiene practices by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach to any coughs or sneezes and are using various age appropriate resources at circle times to help explain Covid in ways which the children can understand.
  • All members of staff are responsible for undertaking strict cleaning routines throughout and at the end of the day. Nursery hours are currently restricted to 8am-5pm and we ask that children be collected as early as possible to enable our staff to undertake deep cleans and sterilise equipment before closing. Each area in the setting has a detailed cleaning checklist which must be followed and is reviewed by management daily.
  • Separate bins and clinical waste bags are used to dispose of used PPE and all toys are steamed and sterilised throughout the day.
  • All meals are served to children individually on their own plates by our chef with their own colour coordinated cutlery.
  • All surfaces that are frequently touched by adults and children are disinfected as much as possible after each use, such as door handles, stair gates and hand rails.
  • Certain resources and activities that can post a risk for cross-infection have temporarily been removed, such as play-doh, sand and cushions.

Q: What happens if a child or staff member becomes ill during their time at nursery?

If any child develops any symptoms such as a new continuous cough or a high temperature of 38.7°C, parents/carers are contacted immediately to collect. A separate isolation room is available where they will be taken and cared for by a member of staff who is known to them until they are collected. The child will then be required to undertake a test or self-isolate.

Any members of staff displaying symptoms will also be asked to return home immediately, self-isolate and seek a test and will not be permitted to return until all symptoms have disappeared or a negative test result is obtained.

Q: Will my child’s key person remain the same?

We have tried where possible not to change a child’s key person but due to the need to reduce group sizes, some have changed. Staff have been carefully allocated as much as possible to their original rooms.

Q: What will my child get up to?

When your child returns or starts at Seasides, the first few weeks will consist of settling in and getting used to nursery life. For those returning, your child will be full of excitement at seeing their friends again and staff will be busy re-kindling the bonds they had before and so immediate targets and work will not be introduced for a few weeks.

Our main focus is to provide a happy, safe and calm environment as much as possible and we will be putting on as much of a normal service as we can. Our priority is ensuring that your child feels safe and happy and enjoys their time at nursery.

After the first few weeks, our pre-school room will then begin to gradually include activities that revolve around school but this will not be suddenly thrown on them. We will slowly begin preparing your child for school using a range of resources and activities available and will also start to prepare their ‘School Passport’ which they will take with them when they leave us in August.

Q: What if my child is poorly (not COVID-19 related) do they have to stay away?

We do ask during this time that if your child is showing any signs of illness, you exercise good judgment in not bringing them in. If your child is feeling unwell, nursery is often the last place they want to be and we ask that you please help us to keep everyone as healthy and well as possible to ensure we can continue to provide the best care in the safest environment.

Q: When will the current procedures be reviewed?

We review our current policies and procedures on a weekly basis and any changes are communicated with parents/carers via email, our Facebook page and again at face-to-face pick-up/drop-off sessions.

Q: I have some concerns about my child returning to nursery and would like to understand more. Who should I speak to?

Laura, the Nursery Manager is on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have around this time. We understand that it is quite an unsettling period and would be more than happy to discuss any issues you may have over the phone or at a socially distanced meeting.