Starfish Room (0-2 years)

Our Starfish room is designed to hold up to 6 children.  Complete with changing area, home and comfy corners and designated sleep spots, your child has plenty of space to play and explore in a comfortable, safe and stimulating environment.   Based upstairs (where it is more quiet!), our Starfish room is the perfect place for all children between the ages of 3 months to 2 years to grow and develop.
The daily rate for our Starfish room is £48 (which includes all meals and formulas).

Seahorse Room (2-3 years)

Our Seahorse room can hold up to 8 toddlers.  With an adjoining bathroom (which allows for nappy changes, potties and toilet training), your child is fully supported here in the transition from nappies to underwear. With separate messy, home and cosy corners, your toddler will always have plenty of activities to choose from and will certainly be kept busy!
The daily rate for our toddler room is £45 (which includes all meals)


Seagull Room (3-5 years)

Our large Seagull room can hold up to 16 pre-schoolers.  With a large carpet space, adjoining toilet/quiet room, views of the garden and messy area it is the perfect place for your child to prepare for big school! With toys and activities set up in every corner, your child has so much choice and can easily move from one place to another as they learn, play and explore everything Seagulls has to offer.
15 hours funding is available for all pre-schoolers the term after they turn 3 years old with wrap-around care available at £6 per hour (which includes meals). If they are not yet eligible for funding, the daily rate for our pre-school room is £42 per day.


Sensory Room

Our calming and quiet sensory room is the perfect place to relax, explore and take part in regular mindfulness sessions after a busy day at Seasides!  With equipment including sensory board, dark den, fibre optics, liquid tiles and specialist soft foam flooring, your child will be able to have fun exploring all their senses in a peaceful but exciting environment.   


Soft Play

Our exciting soft play room known, as the ‘Fun Farm’, is the perfect room for your child to have fun and burn off all of that energy!  It is designed to enable your child to access physical exercise all year round and comes complete with padded walls and floors, artificial grass, soft climbing equipment and ball pool. This room is certainly popular and your child will have fun exploring their physical development and imagination!


Garden/Outdoor area

Our large garden area forms part of the daily routine at Seasides and all rooms have access to the garden at least twice a day.  With grass, soft safety surface and a secure gated area, plenty of fun is always had in the garden. In addition to sensory play with sand, water and mud, we offer a wide variety of riding toys to push or pedal and climbing structures for children.  We also have a vegetable patch, a mud kitchen, and a nature garden where your child can explore, burn energy and experiment in a structured, safe and large outdoor environment.